We build web applications and data processes programs using Clojure, Datomic and React.js.

We are passionate about data

We believe that data driven programming is the best way to leverage the tools available in order to build solutions to real problems. Thus, in everything we do we look for ways to make things more data-driven. This makes our systems more composable, configurable, and thus more leverageable.

We are passionate about vizualizations

Being able to visualize data is essential to understanding it. We have extensive experience applying data visualization techniques to everything from online conversation analysis to bioinformatics and molecular epidemiology.

Our expertise

Collectively our team has expertise in pure computer science, computational biology, data science, graphic design and machine learning. If you have a problem that has to do with data, we can solve it.


We pride ourselves in having strong educational programs. Whether you're looking to provide biologists with the skills necessary to analyze their data, or help your team take it to the next level with data-driven programming, we're here to help. Bring us on to build out solutions and we'll stay around to help your team leverage these designs in future work.